Can you make tens of thousands of dollars a year with a few hundred thousand dollars of capital? Are these investment methods reliable?


If someone told you right now that if you had $300,000 in principal, you could earn $73,000 a year, would you believe it? Some financial people mention this possibility, but many people say that this kind of thing is impossible to achieve, but it is also very exciting to have this possibility, to know that this can be calculated to easily gain about $6000 a month on the principal, which is even higher than some people's monthly salary is quite a lot.


A year's return of $73,000, divided by the principal of $300,000, results in a calculated yield of 24%. If you consider daily interest payments or monthly interest payments, the actual annualized yield is even higher than that. At such times there are some conservative investors who would like their investments to be capital-protected, but it is important to know that there is no such thing as a high yield and capital preservation at the same time, which means that it is impossible to preserve capital and income.

Even some high annual interest rates investments, such as some structured deposits or large certificates of deposit can only be in the range of 4% to 5.5% per annum. Various other financial products in the market also do not reach 24% APR. In the past, some financial products did reach 20%, but some examples proved that these products are unreliable. Of course, there are also high annual interest rates, such as trust products, fixed finance products, and bond products, but there is no way to guarantee the payment of these products, the risk is still quite high.


So aren't there any products on the market that are as high as 24%? 

No, such high-interest-rate products still exist and there are many of them, they are just extremely risky. A typical example is stock trading, which requires just two stops to achieve a 24% return. The second is to buy stock funds, if you have a good eye for investment, then if you are lucky you can easily invest in stock funds up more than 24%. Of course, you can also buy futures and foreign exchange, these are also high-yield investment methods. There is also a familiar one, that is to buy virtual coins, bitcoin crazy for so many years, and with some of the initial investments in the virtual coins people are making a lot of money, see how much money is through this high-risk financial management. However, these are high-risk and high-yield, and it is only through these high-risk and high-yield finances that it is possible to achieve an annual interest rate of 24%. But sensible investors facing this kind of financial product also maintain a wait-and-see attitude, after all, we all know a simple truth, someone relies on this law home someone therefore bankrupt.


High returns are often accompanied by high risk, if the investment vision is mature plus good luck can indeed rely on not much capital to earn double the money, but also bear in mind that once the investment fails, then you face not only did not earn extra income but lost the cost, which is not worth the loss!