Do you really know how you should choose a fund team?


Many new funds are launched every year and many investors are hesitant to choose a new fund due to the lack of historical performance. A good fund team will save us a lot of trouble, so how do we choose a good fund team?

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1. Fund management team

There are two points to pay attention to in the fund management team, one is the strength of the fund company, and the other is the ability of the fund manager.In the bull market, we will find that almost all fund companies can make money, and in the bear market or volatile market, some fund companies have stable and relatively resistant overall performance, while the performance of some fund companies has plummeted.Therefore, when buying a new fund, you must choose a reliable fund company, and generally a reliable fund company has at least the following three characteristics,Firstly,the talent team is stable, and there will be no frequent changes of coaches.The second is that there are many high-quality funds, rather than funds that are unique or simply not bright enough;Lastly,in the process of industry development, the fund industry also has a relatively authoritative rating, and the rating of excellent fund companies must be stable.

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2. Excellent fund manager

If it is to buy a newly listed index fund, then the requirements for fund managers will not be too high, but if you buy equity funds, you must choose a fund controlled by an excellent fund manager, and excellent fund managers can better control investment risks and more easily obtain excess returns. When a fund manager is excellent, it can also be judged by three indicators:

One is historical performance, the new fund does not have historical performance as a reference, but the fund manager has historical performance, we can see the performance of the fund he controlled before, whether the performance can smoothly exceed the market, how the maximum drawdown is, etc.;

The second is the investment style, excellent fund managers often have a very stable investment style, and will not change their investment style at will with the changes in the market, if which fund manager switches randomly in large-cap stocks and small-cap stocks, blue-chip stocks, cyclical stocks buy randomly, there is no stable investment style, then the long-term performance probability is not much better;

The third is the size of the fund control, people's energy is limited, when the size of the fund is too large, it is not easy to control, so we will see that some star fund managers control the size of the fund is too large will begin to pay dividends or limit purchases, when the fund manager controls the size of the fund is too large, we need to be vigilant.

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When buying a newly listed fund, the first thing to pay attention to is the situation of the fund management team, and you must choose a reliable fund company and a fund issued by a high-quality fund manager; This will make our fund profitable.