Why you always lose money when buying wealth management products


"The fund is a lie", "the fund is to harvest civilian property" Many people have said these words, some financial management bosses do not recommend buying funds, and there are also "rat warehouses" who have given examples, but is it really just a problem of the fund to lose money when buying funds?

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Why wealth management products lose money

1. Follow the investment

When the broad market index is low, they think there is no investment opportunity and are reluctant to participate in the investment, and when the market rises and sees an opportunity to make money, they start investing. But at this time, people's money has already been earned, and they have begun to sell, don't you want to take over when you buy at this time?

2. Inability to make long-term investments

Short-term losses are normal, but if you hold long enough, the percentage of losses decreases. After ranking all funds in the past five years, there are less than 300 funds with negative returns in five years, but there are still many people who lose money in fund investment, which shows that most people still can't hold it, resulting in losses.

3. Chase the rise and kill the fall

Whether it is stock or fund investment, what is more taboo is "chasing up and killing fall", and even this is one of the direct reasons for the "two eight rules" of the stock market.

If you can't overcome the weakness of human nature and always "chase the rise and kill the fall" when investing, isn't it normal to lose money?

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Investment elements:

1. Choosing a good fund is half the battle

There are many indicators for choosing funds, you can choose after learning, do not choose directly on the income ranking. If you really can't choose, you can choose an index fund, which mainly looks at market performance.

2. Long-term holding

A bull-bear cycle is generally more than five years, and we often say that long-term holding is 3-5 years. It is not necessary to hold it for such a long time, but if it is not guaranteed to hold for more than one year, the investment loss really blames no one.

3. Entry timing

Sophisticated investors will judge the timing of entry based on relevant information about the stock market, but many fund investors do not have the ability to do so. It doesn't matter if you don't have this ability, you can choose the fixed investment method to invest, which can completely spread the cost of holding positions and reduce investment risks.

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There are many reasons for buying funds to lose, it is not ruled out that there are very few funds in the "rat warehouse" situation, but most people lose more because they can't do long-term holding, like to follow the buy, like to buy at a high price, sell at a low price, etc., if you want to buy funds to make money, the best way is to overcome these shortcomings, in order to invest in the correct scientific way.